The Evolution of the Open House

An open house takes an enormous amount of time and commitment from all parties involved: the homeowner, the realtors, and the potential homebuyer. If only there were a way to have the open house experience without the hassle.

WanderThru WebTours provide just that. Through the convenience of on-demand access, your properties can be viewed by any person at any time.

So what makes us different?

At an open house, homebuyers wander through the property, experiencing how the rooms in the house flow together, the layout, the neighborhood, etc. They don't look at each room in isolation or spin around in a circle in each room.

If potential buyers are too distracted by the limitations of your online listings, they won't take that crucial step of envisioning themselves living in the home.


It's for that reason that WanderThru WebTours are structured like in-person property showings. We create an immersive, natural experience that spares homebuyers from wondering "What room am I looking at?" or, "Why aren't there more pictures online?" so that they can focus on the home itself.



Drawbacks to Other Approaches

In-Person Open Houses

- Often the only visitors are "lookie loos" and "nosy neighbors"
- Requires the home seller to vacate the premises for 4 to 6 hours
- The house must be in ready to show condition each time
- Security concerns with strangers in a house

Virtual Tours

- Distorted and dizzying panoramic shots
- Difficult to show small rooms
- Fail to convey the layout of a home
- Requires the user click around to navigate
- Panning and zooming still pictures is not video

MLS powered websites

- Often limited to just a small number of pictures
- Pictures are limited in size
- Often poor quality

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